Interior Design

An interior designer’s job is to create an interior that reflects your personality and your lifestyle. It’s a case of creating special spaces and ambiances that together create the perfect solution for you. The size of the project doesn’t matter: what matters is that it suits you.The starting point is to define your needs and ideas to make the space you live in your dream home. We cover everything from renovation plans, through contracting and monitoring the works, to selecting and arranging furnishings and the smallest décor details. Inside your home helps you improve your life by surrounding you with things that bring you happiness and enhance your wellbeing.
Our services
Project management, from conception to handover.
Monitoring works in accordance with your needs, taking care of the smallest details. This is crucial to ensure the right results with no unpleasant surprises.
Design spaces that combine aesthetics with functionality.
Provide customised advice and solutions, including for furniture, storage units, kitchens, paint etc., and for any style and structure.
Creating a special, relaxing atmosphere so that you can feel in harmony with your home. Our surroundings influence our lives, so let’s put them to good use (possibility of feng shui advice).
Provide targeted solutions for your office and/or retail outlet.
How does it work?
An initial interview at home to evaluate and define the project.
Submission of a detailed quote setting out the actions and timescales required for implementation.
Why us?
We can create or transform any space so that you truly feel at ease. Carrying out a renovation with a specific plan arranged by professionals helps to clarify ideas, optimise timescales and reduce costs.
We focus on the most basic features of your interior space, putting special emphasis on the nature and quality of materials used.
We surround ourselves with top industry professionals whom we really trust.
We ensure that the works are properly monitored, with regular visits, including coordination of the delivery of materials and the execution of different tasks.
We respect your budget and help to ensure that it is adhered to as closely as possible.
Visit Front project (maximum 4 hours)
350€ HTVA
Hourly rate
110€ HTVA
Personalised package
350€ HTVA
110€ HTVA
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