Home Organising

Your home organiser in Brussels will find you tailor-made solutions for a simpler, calmer life.She’ll provide you with the tools and techniques you need to manage your personal and professional agenda, and your household and family budget. And she’ll also help you organise your home and your time. Your living space should only contain things you like and that are of use! Inside your home helps you become more aware of how your immediate environment makes you feel – and assists you in your decision-making process towards change.

Our services
We provide lasting solutions and advice for decluttering.
We help you establish your priorities so that you can put an end to disorder.
We help you manage administrative chores and file important documentation.
We provide guidance and advice on what you want to keep, throw away, recycle, sell or give away.
We organise cupboard, wardrobe and other storage options and help you decide what goes where.
We provide an annual family and household calendar management service (birthdays and anniversaries, social and professional life, boiler maintenance, etc.).
How does it work?
An initial visit is made to assess your needs and propose solutions.
A support plan is provided for your organisational needs including a detailed budget.
Why us?
Tailor-made organisation: we find the right rhythm for you and adapt it to fit your personal circumstances.
We attach the same importance to all our missions, be they short, medium or long-term, large or small.
We help you find the best system for organising your time and household that provides the perfect fit for you and your family.
We are reliable, trustworthy and respect your confidentiality.
We can offer coaching for short or medium-term missions.
Initial visit (maximum 2 hours).
130€ HTVA
Hourly rate
75€ HTVA
Personalised package
130€ HTVA
75€ HTVA
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