Home Hunting

Providing a tailor-made service, your home hunter is an industry insider who searches, visits and selects for you the property that provides the best fit for your priorities and lifestyle.Our service is aimed at locals and expats, individuals or businesses, who know the value of their time – and the value of money. If you are coming to live in Brussels, if your family is growing, if you want to take the step of becoming a homeowner or if you are simply looking to make an investment in bricks and mortar, then let Inside your home take charge and do all the hard work for you.

We are not an estate agency. We have no stock of properties. Instead, what we do is to sift through the entire property market (including estate agents, banks, media adverts, the Web, personal contacts, etc.) to find the right solution for you.

How does it work?
An initial meeting is held establish your priorities and total budget and to define the search criteria.
We’ll filter a list of suggested properties that meet your requirements.
You tell us which homes you want to visit in person, and we’ll arrange an appointment and accompany you.
We’ll do all the negotiating on your behalf, and can provide an estimate of the cost of any works, if required.
We get fully involved to help you in all the administrative tasks and paperwork (from looking for a notary to liaising with the council planning department, etc.) and anything else you may need until you finally sign the sales contract.
Why us?
Because we offer you a tailor-made service.
Because we provide completely impartial advice.
Because we support and guide you throughout the entire process, from the initial search, to the visits, negotiation, estimating the cost of any works, and the final purchase.
Because we can cover the city of Brussels and its 19 districts.
Because you’ll benefit from a single, experienced point of contact, responsible for the entire project.
Initial case opening expenses
500€ HTVA
+ 3% HTVA of the final price
Personalised package
500€ HTVA
+ 3% HTVA of the final price
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